How to Help Students With ADHD Turn in Their Homework

Homework. Every student’s favorite gift from teachers. While plenty of students find completing homework difficult, some also face trouble just remembering to turn it in. Among the latter are students with ADHD. Completing homework only to misplace it before class is extremely frustrating, so why do many ADHD'ers do it regularly? One reason is that students with ADHD have been shown to have reduced activity in their frontal lobes.

The frontal lobe plays a strong role in prioritizing, organizing, and initiating tasks, among other things. Completing and submitting homework in on time requires all three of the aforementioned processes. Considering this makes it little more clear as to why many ADHD'ers forget to bring their completed homework to class.

Here are four tips for anyone looking to help a student with ADHD improve their grades and avoid the frustration of wasted effort.

1. Create a homework folder

Create a folder for your student that is solely for completed homework assignments. Ensure that this folder is always in their backpack to help them remember to turn in their finished work.

2. Sign off on their assignments

Create a homework sign-off sheet. This sheet should list assignments, dates assigned, and due dates. After finishing their homework, have your student present their completed assignments to you to initial. This practice allows you to monitor the assignments that need to be completed.

3. Divide up large projects

To prevent procrastination, divide large assignments into manageable chunks, and track student progress frequently. This will prevent your student from feeling overwhelmed with work, and it will make them feel more motivated to get their work done. In addition, the more frequently students face an assignment, the less likely they are to forget to turn in that assignment.

4. Establish a routine

Set up a routine to help your student return their homework to their teacher. For example, create a practice that your student will take out their homework as soon as they get to class.

Turning in every completed homework assignment takes time to master. However, once your student gets the hang of it, they will have a greater sense of responsibility, accomplishment, and intellectual self-confidence.