5 Simple Tips To Help Your Child Focus While Studying

Your child is ready. Their books are open, their notebook is out, their pencils are sharpened, and they are ready to study... or so they think. They read the first sentence of their book, and then check their texts, then their Instagram, then their Snapchat…

Sound familiar? Probably so. Focusing while studying isn’t simple.

Every child is different - what works for your neighbors kid may not work for yours. Give these 5 simple tips a try and find out what works for your child.


The number one distraction that students while studying is their cell phone. Have your child leave their cell phone in a different room - where they cannot see or hear it. Additionally, if your child has a watch or computer (Apple Watch or MacBook) that receives text messages, move them to a separate room as well.

2. Work at a Desk

Couches and beds may be comfortable, but they don’t match the conditions where your child takes tests. Additionally, studying on a bed or a couch can cause your child to become too relaxed. Instead, set up a desk area with a desk chair to replicate a testing environment.

3. Take a Break

Studies suggest that “marathon studying” is ineffective. Instead, encourage your child to break up their study time. For instance, if they’ve been studying for 50-60 minutes, have them take a 5-10 minute break. Why are breaks so important? It provides their brains with the amount of time it needs to process the information that they just studied.

4. Provide Incentives

Reading page after page of a textbook is taxing. Try incentivizing your child to help them get through this monotonous activity. For instance, offer them a specific reward for finishing a dense section within a predetermined time frame. This form of reinforcement can help them get through their monotonous of homework.

5. Healthy Snacks

Ensure that your child eats healthy while they study. Heavy meals and foods high in sugar can drain energy and induce tiredness. Instead, feed your child snacks such as blueberries, nuts, dark chocolate, and leafy green vegetables. Providing children with proper nutrition while studying gives them the energy they need to stay focused.

Give these a try and help your child study more efficiently and effectively.